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Feel free to use any of the following images/graphics on your web sites or email campaigns.  Right click to download to your computer, then upload them to your own server and link them to your affiliate link.

For our Piano Wizard Academy JV Partner Affiliates, your link will look something like this:

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Learn To Play Piano With Piano Wizard


New good converting squeeze and sales funnel

We’ve just rolled out a new set of sales pages that have shown good conversion in early testing.

These pages are all available for our Joint Venture affiliates.  Simply use your affiliate link, and we roll out all the content, including autoresponder emails to the prospects.

You can see these pages in action (and join the affiliate program by clicking the link on the bottom of the pages.

Remember, this is currently not available for shareasale affiliates – so if you are one, please sign up for our JV program (on the footer of the pages)


Piano Wizard Academy Training Session 3

In this session we are going to talk about Piano Wizard™ itself – what it is, what it does, and why it works.  In order for anyone to sell the product they should have a clear understanding of the product itself.  I would say that goes for just about anything one is selling.

The core of Piano Wizard Academy™ is the game itself  – our Piano Wizard™ software.  The very essence of the game itself is music. (more…)

Piano Wizard Academy Training Session 2

In Training Session #2 we will discuss a list of sample creatives for your campaigns. Feel free to use these or create your own. Remember, the material below is used in conjunction with our JV Partner Affiliate Program.

Creative Idea #1 – Blurb

(suitable for a newsletter or a spot on any web page, preferably one that receives good traffic. Also suitable for FACEBOOK or TWITTER). Note: Don’t forget to use your affiliate link where it says “click here”.

From our friends at Piano Wizard Academy – “How Music Can Dramatically Affect Your Child’s Development and Life-Time Success.” Written by The Foundation for Universal Music Literacy, this eBook contains current scientific literature concerning music and the mind. Click Here for your complimentary copy.


Piano Wizard Academy Training Session 1

This post is for those affiliates that have joined our Music Wizard JV Partner Affiliate Program. Remember that in this program, our focus is on the Piano Wizard Academy.  In your welcome email we promised you training material to help get your started.  Without further ado, here is Training Session #1. (more…)