Listen To Latest Piano Wizard Party Plan Teleconference

For those who missed our 9/23 Piano Wizard Party Plan teleconference – or for those that would like to hear it again,  visit our Piano Wizard Party Plan business web site.

CEO Chris Salter explains how you can make money – and a lot of it – with the proposed Piano Wizard Academy compensation plan.

Piano Wizard Party Plan – Teaching the world to play

Make music…make friends…make money!

One of the most unique things about Piano Wizard is how much fun it is to play. Add to that it’s music teaching method and you have the beginnings of what can be a home based business.

Piano Wizard Academy is not only eminently demonstrable, it is amazingly inspiring when demonstrated live. Our value proposition saves the customer thousands of dollars, dozens of tears, heartache and frustration, and is dramatically faster, easier and more economical by orders of magnitude. At a single Piano Wizard party, people can not only learn to play a popular song, but teach others to do the same.