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Are you a teacher looking to enhance the benefits of your music program? Look no further than Piano Wizard Academy™.

“In the last 4 weeks, we have also had an excellent opportunity to “test” the method with nearly 100 college piano class students. The results have exceeded our expectations. Songs that previously took two class sessions to teach now take literally 5 minutes in Piano Wizard Academy! The results are nothing short of astonishing. It is because of all of your efforts that we are beginning to help realize the game potential. In the Academy, students move easily and naturally from game play to very musical performances reading music at the grand pianos. It is something to behold.

Don Beattie, Founder of Piano Wizard Academy – excerpt from letter written to CEO Chris Salter.

“When I met with Mr. Kirk, he saw the immediate benefits of PW. It took a while to get through all the red tape of the Tulsa Public School District, but that was finally accomplished and Mr. Kirk received his PW just a couple of weeks ago. He set it up and the kids swarm to it! Because of its popularity, he instituted an early morning invitation for anyone who wanted to have more time to play PW. He said he arrives at school a little before 7am and he has a line of kids waiting on him just to play PW! He is additionally pleased because it is bringing more of his male students back to the piano. They love the video game concept and it has done just as it was intended, draw students to playing the piano and making the learning fun! He could not be more pleased! He is accumulating information about the progression of these students to show his Principal. The school is in the process of building a large computer lab and he wants to have PW at each computer eventually.”

What is is not

It’s NOT like anything else on the market. There are many similar looking products, or products with bold claims. The truth is, while many of those products are good, all they’ve really done is taken the traditional two-dimensional approach to music learning and transferred it to software. By contrast, Piano Wizard is a dynamic learning tool, empowering anyone, young or old, to be playing the piano within minutes. This product is proving to be instrumental in the learning process in schools and music programs across the country!

And from the teacher’s standpoint, it needs to be noted that we are not out to replace teachers.  We are simply looking to feed more students into funnel.  Our method can replace, or enhance any music training program out there. While your job is to take the student to take you into the next levels of technique, phrasing, interpretation, improvisation and the deeper arts of music, this game can take you surprisingly far, mainly because it lets you practice almost any song or passage, and master that, and then go to the next level.

Research has proven time and again that music education empowers students with a greater aptitude for learning in general. Piano Wizard has taken this concept to a new level now, developing a 4-Step Methodology that begins in a video game format. As a result, Piano Wizard makes playing the piano fun!

And that is the real gift and secret agenda. It is simply is a joyful way to practice, and the music making just comes. The student learns much quicker, and has much more fun. And when you inject fun into practice, the student is more likely to remain your student for a long long time. Beginning as a video game (rated E for Edutainment) and moving through the 4-Step patented process, students can be reading music and understanding notation / theory at their own pace.

Our software is packaged with digital keyboards so that schools/studios  have an easy set-up!   The Piano Wizard Academy comes with software to load onto a personal computer, color stickers for keyboard notes, a MIDI cable or USB cable and, if needed, either a 3-octave or 4-octave keyboard of choice. This set-up works for any age level and offers a long shelf-life of use. A great point to note about the keyboards is they have no speakers and therefore, only the correct notes hit at the correct time make the note sound, so incorrect notes are not heard. This is great reinforcement for properly played notes. There is also a score given at the end of each game / song played so that students can track their success.  One can quickly see how this game keeps kids entertained while helping them develop the necessary skills to play music!

And you can revenue as an affiliate

While our teachers have incorporated Piano Wizard Academy into their curriculum, it is obviously important that the students has the software and keyboard at home. To make if affordable, some teachers have offered their first few lessons for FREE along with the purchase of the Academy. The teacher will earn the 25% of the sale and the student gets the package for home use.

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