The “Musically-challenged” to Play Bach at Affiliate Summit in Miami

Going to be at the Affiliate Summit in Miami?

Stop by booth 31 and prove to yourself that Piano Wizard can do what it claims: get people playing Bach within minutes — including the “musically challenged”. At our booth we will have two copies of Piano Wizard running and you can step right up and play the game yourself.

Anyone who joins our ShareASale affiliate program at the Summit will be entered into a drawing to win a Piano Wizard Premier, which includes a very nice electronic keyboard.

See you there!

Affiliate testimonials

Here’s what was said about Piano Wizard on ABestWeb by affiliates who came by our booth at the Affiliate Summit in Miami and tried their hand at our Piano Wizard game:

“For those of you who have a personal interest in playing the piano or have related traffic, this is a COOL product and I look forward to promoting it.”
– Scott Hazard (Scooter)
“I saw this demonstrated at Affiliate Summit and it is simply amazing. I can’t imagine there would ever be any returns on this product as it really does work and makes learning so simple. I’m wishing I had entered the contest!!!”
– 7-Days
“I also saw this at breakfast and thought it was really cool. I remember dreading piano lessons as a kid, and I still can’t play more than “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. This would have been a much more fun experience.”
– Stephanie Harris, AM
“I signed up within minutes of trying this program out and started working on some promotion ideas the day after I recovered [from attending the Summit]. It’s a great product and it was great meeting the crew.”
– Shawn Kerr
“I am so excited!!! I had already put up one of Jesse’s articles and blogged about Piano Wizard last week. I decided as soon as I saw it at AS that if I was not one of the winners, I would be buying it for my kids anyway.
“I just explained to my kids that they are going to learn to play the piano and mommy is going to be videotaping it for her website.”
– HelpingMoms
“I absolutely want one. This is the coolest educational ‘toy!'”
– Rexanne
“The concept is so awesome, and speaking as someone who took lessons for years, your product is much cheaper and easier then dragging out to lessons. In my case, some very large mean man pounding on the organ the entire time I took my lesson. You are tops on our list of promotions.”
– Sunshiner