Super Affiliate Marketing

Imagines having an army of affiliates generating income for you?

The viral effect of super affiliate marketing can create a significant revenue stream for you. As you have read, our affiliate programs pay out on 2 tiers

1. Commissions on your sales
2. Commissions on sales generated by those affiliates that you refer.

Check back again soon.  I’ll be posting some ideas in this category shortly

Waking Up The Sleeping Affiliates

You already know that you spent a lot of time marketing to attract people to your multi-tier affiliate program. In fact, you may have signed up a small army of affiliates or sub-affiliates, and you’re real excited.

So why aren’t you making any money?  The reason is simple — and pretty obvious. Marketing is a never-ending tool.

Are you “marketing” the products yourself or just working as a super-affiliates?  If you are not marketing the products, how can you expect someone else to? (more…)

What Is A 2 Tier Affiliate Program

A Two Tier Affiliate Program offers two “tiers” of opportunities. First, as an affiliate, you receive a commission for every sale you make, whether personally, or through your own affiliate link. The second income stream comes from recruiting or referring others. You’ll earn second tier income their sales, although the commission will be lower. (more…)