New good converting squeeze and sales funnel

We’ve just rolled out a new set of sales pages that have shown good conversion in early testing.

These pages are all available for our Joint Venture affiliates.  Simply use your affiliate link, and we roll out all the content, including autoresponder emails to the prospects.

You can see these pages in action (and join the affiliate program by clicking the link on the bottom of the pages.

Remember, this is currently not available for shareasale affiliates – so if you are one, please sign up for our JV program (on the footer of the pages)


Customized Photo Ad

Here’s another marketing tool for you – a customized photo ad. We can provide you with the code – just send us your name or business name as you want it to appear, and a photo. Please contact us with that information and we’ll send you the code.   If you are an expert at html, you can even do it yourself. (more…)

Reprint Articles

You are welcome to publish these articles on your website or in your newsletter. Articles music be reprinted as is, however you may insert YOUR affiliate link in the About the Author section. These articles can work work with all three of our affiliate programs. Just adjust the affiliate link.


Piano Wizard Academy Training Session 3

In this session we are going to talk about Piano Wizard™ itself – what it is, what it does, and why it works.  In order for anyone to sell the product they should have a clear understanding of the product itself.  I would say that goes for just about anything one is selling.

The core of Piano Wizard Academy™ is the game itself  – our Piano Wizard™ software.  The very essence of the game itself is music. (more…)

Another great new high conversion landing page now available

We have just made public a great new sales page for you to use as a landing page.

No editing needs to be done to the page but you need to link to it properly (see below)
Feel free to replace the first words “Music Wizard” (invites you to discover…)
to your name or company name.

You can send traffic do this page by using the following link in your text/blog or banner ad:

***Be sure to replace XXXXXX with your affiliate ID.

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